Hello from birmimgham uk

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    Hello All,

    Im a newb just finding my feet from Birmingham u.k. Im pretty happy that i found this site as it is full of great resources and information. I want to openly thank all those who contribute to the content and the running of this site.

    I wish i could contribute to the site but because of my lack of knowledge i have nothing that anyone could benefit from at present. Please forgive me and hopefully I will contribute in the future. I am currently working on a blog which i will be white hatting on because i havent done any black hat yet and wouldent want to get it sandboxed because of my in experience with black hat. Although I have downloaded scrapebox and am awaiting my activation.

    If there is anyone there who i could have there instant messaging i.d for exchange of knowledge or who would kindly answer any of my questions if any. Thanks in advance