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    Sep 27, 2013
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    i feel very afraid of starting any new work or business.I have a fear that someone will fight with me.
    Like when i drive a car i have a fear that someone will beat me if i get a small car accident by mistake.
    Also yesterday i saw a small accident.
    the accident was of an auto-rickshaw with a innova car. the mistake was of innova car driver.but they are beating that poor man(auto driver) with hockey sticks.there were 2 guys in innova car who are beating that innocent auto rickshaw driver..i did n't do anything except watching how they are beating that poor man.i want to stop that but i 've got fear they will beat me too.i want to call the police but i am afraid of fighting with goons and it will become personal enmity.these fears are restricting me ,how to overcome the fear of fighting.these are restricting me to start any new job,work or business
    How to deal with it.i am from delhi india and 24 year old guy
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    It's not the fear itself that is stopping you, but fear in general. If you got over your fear of fighting, you'd be afraid of something else, like the car blowing up. You have high anxiety and maybe panic. Go to the dr and get some happy pills. It's nothing to be ashamed of.