Hello Fellow Hat Holders, New Webmaster for motorcycle dealer

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    I am new guy at a motorcycle dealer that has been around for fourty years, and I am the first internet guy. I started out making a niche in Videography making virtual tours for each unit . Then posting to youtube, cycletrader, and embedding on the company's website.

    So I got tired of chasing work to get rent
    Well A dealer offered me a job, and I took it.

    That was about three months ago. Since then I have been practicing , and all my keywords are returning top results. I have learned how to get Facebook likes on Autopilot as well as Twitter, Youtube, website views.
    I also taught my self how to manipulate craigslist the best I can but it's still a super challenge.

    I learned the CladGenious during the 10 day demo, but they didn't want to buy it. I learned how to use adwords and keyword targeting.
    I have been lurking here basically the whole time, it's where I get all my info. But I was intimidated to participate until now.

    I am looking for some people out there, who can help me come up with some other methods to push these motorcycles. i am trying to make a name for myself. And this gig is just an ongoing battle. Anyone reading this, I would love to hear from you. Running out of ideas, and need a mentor...
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