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    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce about our new affiliate network.
    Network name: AMUNIVERSE LLC,
    Address: http://amuniverse.com
    Established: 01-08-2008
    Management Field: Affiliate marketing.
    Management Rule:
    Affiliate marketing is one of management field which is base on the commission of selling goods or Imaginary products according to the requirements of advertiser ? it can be by click, complete survey, or become member as advertiser`s requirement. So this is the direct relation between Advertisers and affiliates .
    With Advertiser,
    We bring quality traffic and recommend Advertiser`s products to customers via our strong affiliate system.
    - Absolute best pricing available
    - Flexible payment options.
    Fraud and Spam:
    - We provide best solutions to prevent Fraud
    - 100% can Spam compliant
    - Dedicated support manager - working 24/7.
    - Newsletters to fit your audience.
    - High quality traffic volume distribution.
    - Custom creative and offers with real time tracking and reporting.
    - No Risk: performance based Marketing.
    With affiliates,
    We bring you the benefit from your traffics. You can find many suitable offers for your bussiness, moreover you can receive the kindly support from our staffs.
    - Absolute best pricing available
    - Flexible payment options.
    - Payment made 30th monthly (NET30).
    Super affiliate:
    Earn 5% from your downline monthly profit.
    - Dedicated support manager - working 24/7.
    - Newsletters to fit your audience.
    - Real time Reporting and Tracking.
    - Custom creative and offers.
    The differences of AMUNIVERSE ? AFFILIATE MARKETING UNIVERSE and another affiliate marketing companies:
    We established from many members from many countries. That mean our customers are not only in USA, but also all over the world, where the Affiliate Marketing is not so new define, and have much potential.
    So wherever you are, you will receive a professional served from our manager and eagerness supporters of AMUNIVERSE.
    Developing plan:
    Set up affiliate marketing all over the world. Online affiliate marketing is now mainly in America market and some places in Europe, so widely open all over the world is one of potential way.
    Promote what: All the products of merchant system and advertiser`s requirement, not include the products related with arms, politics, hack, crack, illegal items, sex toy, scam, spam.
    501 Silverside Rd, Suite 105
    Wilmington, Delaware 19809
    United States
    For further news about AMUNIVERSE, please go to: http://news.amuniverse.com
    If you have any question, please kindly contact with our maneger at the email address:
    [email protected]