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    what is a job?
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    Hi everyone, I'm Ptchero.

    After wandering around for a week in this forum , i decided to finally register and introduce my self.

    My journey-

    My internet journey began when I found out I could make money on the internet. The first way i found out was PTC sites ,hence my name PTChero. I can't say how pathetic they are when I think back but I had to start somewhere. This idea sparkled into my mind and granted me a new way of thinking, using the internet as a moneymaker.

    After realizing ptc sites were @#$%, I started getting into Affiliate programs without much success. Spent couple months trying different things with the same result. After finally giving up on it I found out about this Forum and was instantly hooked on the Black hat appeal. I spent my whole life bending rules and finding ''hidden'' roads to travel on and this corresponded to me perfectly.

    I can't say how grateful i am to this community for opening my eyes to a world of possibilities where ones income is only matched by his intelligence and cleverness.

    Right now I am doing the apartment method with my own little twist with average success , pulling 50$/day . I'm eagerly waiting for my first check to come in , oh yes I AM.

    Anyways, this was my introduction , I hope to establish a great relationship with you all!

    Have a nice day,
    Mad A aKa Ptchero