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    Hello all,

    I've recently discovered this forum and I've already spent quite a bit of time reading the content here. There's plenty of informative posts here that have allowed me to learn a lot. They also inspired me to sign up and try to become an active member of this vibrant community.

    A little about myself: I'm European but currently living in Manila. I used to work here full time but I quit back in January in order to focus on freelance work. I write articles in Dutch, English and occasionally in French, and they have allowed me to get by. My girlfriend is a freelance designer, so she provides plenty as well. We have money in the bank, rent paid for the upcoming months and plenty of pocket money to spend on food and necessities. Financially, we are set for an 'adventure'.

    So my question isn't the usual 'how-do-I-make-money-fast-online' type of thing. I'm here to ask your opinions on a different matter.

    Honestly, me and my girlfriend want to create our own business, but we seem to have trouble sticking to one project and figuring out what would be the best first step. I guess we currently feel overwhelmed. I've also read a couple of interesting articles (both here and online), stressing the importance of staying focused on one goal at the time. This leads me to my main question: what would you focus on if you were in my/our shoes? What do you find a good starting point?

    You see, I/we struggle with the following options:

    1. Build up an Etsy shop based on my girlfriend's designs. The idea would also be to create a community of like minded souls on social media, involving YouTube tutorial vids. We'd also look into dropshipping our own brand of craft supplies once the community takes off. Obviously, creating a community is easier said than done.

    2. Forget the Etsy store and simply look into dropshipping a specific product right away. We are already located in the East, so we do have the means to find a local supplier (even though it is still easier said than done for beginners like us). The main problem with this is, of course, finding a trustworthy manufacturer.

    3. I continue to focus mainly on online copywriting. The problem with this is that the workload really fluctuates and I still have a long way to go to becoming a fully established writer. Not to mention that sites like e.g. Upwork take a significant cut of the profits. This makes it seem more like an interesting side income, rather than a full time career.

    4. Focus on something new. Building websites/blogs with backlinks and plenty of content, trying to get into affiliate/ad money seems like a lot of work for a limited pay off. Is this still a valid option in 2017? I have also looked into self-publishing e-books, possibly public domain; what are your thoughts on that?

    As you see, I currently feel aimless, overwhelmed by a world of seemingly endless possibilities, and I was hoping to get some input from this forum. You have all been succesful online in many different endeavours, so it would be very interesting for me to see what you would do in my shoes.

    Kind regards,