Hello everyone from Italy

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    Hi everyone,

    accidently seeking for some reviews on YT, I came upon this site, recommended to me, from the YT member whose videos I was commenting, (he's here, too)..
    I have some marketing backgrounds, but still when I began my IM adventure, several months ago, I felt like a newbie, and even if I have learned so much about the internet and marketing since then (al least I thought so..), only now when I realized what is potential of this forum, I found out that I was sleeping in IM,...
    So it's time to wake up... I've been around and been reading, reading, and reading here for about a month. You guys, are totally amazing as well as informative too.. I became some sort of "information sponge"...

    Thanks for everything, useful information and resources, really appreciate it. I found really a great place to interact with like-minded people...
    I have also some useful stuff to share (post num. rules don't allow it now... but I'll keep it mind for the times to come..)
    That's all for now folks..
    It's time to take an action.