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    Dec 4, 2008
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    Happily self-employed online since 2004. Always d
    I "was" an IT professional, know a lot about server administration and shell scripting. I worked for all kinds of traditional corporate companies, though more often than not for software companies, so by necessity I learned some PHP programming and database administration as well.

    Realized a few years ago that I needed to learn sales and marketing if I ever wanted to work for myself. I tackled that and was able to quit my job and support myself online less than a year later.

    White-hat marketing so far, with moderate success... but reading around this forum for the past few days has really opened my eyes to bigger possibilities.

    I'm ready for more, and willing and able to achieve it. Especially with the help of the great minds here. Thanks to all, I'll try to answer my stupid questions myself (with the search function), and only post when I have something positive to add to the BHW community.
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    Hi Mack, welcome to BHW !

    Sounds like you have a great grounding and the fact you have survived for a year on your efforts says a lot about you (assuming you are not living at home with your parents of course).

    Personally my income increased dramatically when I started outsourcing any day to day tasks that can be quickly shown to others. Not sure if you are doing this yet, but you should seriously consider it.

    best of luck mate !