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Hello Black Hat World!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by killxp, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. killxp

    killxp Junior Member

    Jan 17, 2010
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    SouthBay, CA
    Hello BHW,

    Online I go by killxp. I am a 21 year old Christian male trying to figure out life, love and SEO.
    I don't really expect any pointers on the first two from here but it looks like you know what
    you are doing when it comes to SEO.

    I am hoping to make enough money online to quit my job, move to where I really want to live
    and enjoy the lifestyle I know is waiting for me. To start I would say my goal is to make
    $60,000/year. I have figured that people making less than that have trouble paying the bills.
    I already broke it all down.

    For me to hit $60k/year I need to make ~$1,154/week and even though I don't want to work
    the weekend I will use it in my calculations, $165, as I should still be earning money on days
    I do not do anything. After I reach that goal the next step is $120k/year! Wish me luck.

    So far, I have dabbled a little bit in internet marketing, I currently use article marketing to
    promote digital products through ClickBank. The thing is that I do not want to be writing
    articles until my dying days and even if I get to a point where I can outsource I am still doing
    the work to make someone else money.

    I have started taking up PPC marketing but I think that in the long run I am going to have to
    learn SEO as it seems like the way of the future. So, I am going to get some online real estate
    and use SEO to get me to the top of every niche.

    This is where BHW comes in. A few searches in google brought you guys up and I was glad
    that I could read through the forums without signing up first. Everyone seemed helpful and I
    felt like this is the place to be. I plan on being an active member here and maybe somewhere
    down the road I can be a helping hand to others.

    For now it looks like you guys have everything here and I just have to take the find to read it
    all and piece everything together. If anyone had any specific instruction on where to start or
    where to go next I am all open for suggestions. Your help in much appreciated and thank you
    in advance.

    Well, this is probably a lot longer than most introductions but as I am used to writing in batches
    of 400 words it just runs in everything I write anywhere.

    Hope I did not bore any of you too much. Major props to those who read to the end. You will be
    hearing more from me later.

    Thank you,