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    Oct 25, 2008
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am new of course.
    So play nice please.
    I am not big on forums in general.
    But I am really impressed with BHW.
    You people rock!
    I have no idea how I found this forum?
    But it has fast become my favorite.
    I work full time and I am finding that spending
    time on BHW causes sleep loss.
    There is so much good info here.
    I find I do not have enough hours in one
    day to get it all done.
    Special shout out to Gizmo,
    keeping up with you is a full time
    job in it self,man.
    You are amazing really.
    I do not know how you find the time
    to do what you do for everyone here.
    Anyway if you see this old man tottering
    along looking to learn slowly just pass
    safely around in the fast lane.
    I will catch up sooner or later.
    Thank You