Hello BHW [WarehouseManager/Musician] New here...

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Oct 26, 2016
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Newbie here, with self taught experience in Web Design, Video Editing, Graphic Design and Audio Production. I did hip hop music as a hobby (Still trying) and taught myself everything to be able to rely on myself. Currently on disability for mental issues. My real job is Manager at a Warehouse, selling imported foods products on Amazon and BigCommerce. Not sure if i am going back, lots of potential but ran/owned by clueless confused bosses. Much respect to them tho. I want to do something. Tried to do Amazon in a different field "Electronics". Lost motivation after doing tons of research and getting a $3000 personal loan, that i just ended up slowly spending. I got to the point of getting ready to order roku boxes but I was overwhelmed about if they would sell. It was alot, I got depression, adhd. I spend last few days doing a website for a friend non stop, came out well learned a lot. I know and want to do sooooooo much but I cant figure out where to start. So thank you for allowing me into this humble universe of entrepreneurship.
First of all welcome to BHW. Good to know you are self taught with many skills. Also sad to hear your past experience. But no worries you can start over from here. Check the all section based on your skill. Research more and start again. All the very best :)
Welcome and you're not the only one here that's come across the Black Dog.
Have fun & enjoy.
I commend you for making it through your struggles! I can suggest doing exactly what you are now; dig into things that help you learn like making websites. Believe it or not, people tend to learn quite a bit under pressure. First-hand experience is invaluable.
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