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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by friedlegs, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Hello all. friedlegs here.

    First off, I truly appreciate the wealth of information freely available on this forum along with all the folks here who've been kind enough to share their money making methods, tricks and secrets, so a big thanks goes to those who've done and continue to do that.

    I've been part of this community since August of last year, but due to working a 9 to 5, I haven't had much time to really do anything, in my spare time, besides lurk, search and study BHW. Well, until now, given I've been laid off.

    Before jumping into anything IM-related, I felt it would be best to start with a proper introduction.

    As far as skills go, I can honestly say that I don't have any, outside of writing and proof-reading (though I'm always open to learning and trying something new); as such, I'm planning to start with blogging, Associated Content or e-whoring to make enough start-up capital before moving on to bigger things.

    With some hard work, determination and luck, hopefully I'll be able to one day produce something that I can give back to the community, be it a guide, tips or an actual product.

    Anyhoo. Enough rambling. Time to get out there and start making money.