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Hello BHW. I will be in the top rank here soon

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sarger604, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. sarger604

    sarger604 Regular Member

    Sep 20, 2010
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    Hello from Canada,

    I have been mainly a lurker here but have come out and on a mission to become elite here.

    I have a great FT day job that pays very well. But well, it's just not enough. I want to be like you guys and make the same sitting in my underwear at home. There's just something about being up at 2am, having an urge to make some money and being able to do that on your own time.

    I do have experience with online money making. My experience lies with ticket reselling, ebay, and basic craigslist. I would however consider myself a NOOB compared to some of the guys ive seen here. But I am a very quick learner.

    This is a good forum with good mods that keep stuff clean, Ive made the choice to dedicate a lot of time to this forums, I will be online all the time and posting a lot (having a day job by the computer helps a lot)

    I have a lot to offer, but will need to learn the game first. Forgive me if some of my posts sound amateur, but i WILL learn this game and join the top ranks.

    One question I had though is what is in the private forums that come with the jr. VIP membership? it sounds very good, and looks like the place to start if u are serious about this stuff. Is it good for noobs like me?

    anyways look forward to making good connections here. Talk to you all soon