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    I just wanted to stop in to say hello. Here is a little about who I am, and what my goals are. Before committing my time to improving online marketing skills I worked as a sales man for Verizon. I couldn't really deal with hearing people bitch over the phone all day, and got myself fired. Day one of unemployment I began teaching myself how to build websites. After putting together my first website, I stumbled on to this website. From here on out I've been trying to put together a clever way to make good money so I never have to have a job outside of home again. It was just 3 months ago I didn't even know what SEO was. I have to admit though.. with all this new information I find myself dreaming of ways to make more money. So with that, I would like to thank all of you for this website and all the information this website is filled with. I have come a long way and that?s thanks to most of you. Now it's time to succeed and make something of this life. I wish all of you luck on your endeavors and hope along the way I can provide something to assist someone in some way.
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    Welcome to BHW, if you've found this site you've made good move, good luck!
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