Hello! And yes, I have a problem :(

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    Hello everyone!
    I'm following this forum since a while, many very interesting articles and I'm enjoying it :) But I have a problem. I'm learning right now about the blackhat world, so I'm a newbie and it's very hard for me to send 15 posts to unlock "send PM" option, without send junk posts like "nice", but I really don't like to spam here, in this forum (oh, irony :p). So here is my problem (I wanted to ask the author of this method, but I can't): I'm trying out this method:
    [METHOD] Reinsteckers Social-Media-Automated-Wordpress-Blog-Earning-System (can't post links)

    But I can't get a really good growth of followers. My max. is 100/day, with some fake acounts in it. I think that my problem is, that i can't get to the right audience, because sending random people a 18+ site is not very effective, so I wanted some suggestions, where should I start looking for people. Could somebody help me?
    This is my facebook fanpage:

    TITS, MONΣY, W€€D. (can't put links)

    Maybe, the problem is, that the conent is too "soft"?

    P.S. I know, that somewhere in this forum is an answer for this question, but I really searched and couldn't find nothing :/
    P.S.2 English is not my mother language, so sorry for my mistakes :)
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    Tits, Money and Weed eh? Definitely gonna check this page out.

    Stick around and you'll find your answers ;)

    Welcome to BHW!