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    Hi, I am an experienced programmer. I'm currently working on an application that will encrypt a file pretty much any binary file. The decrypter and the encrypted file will be uploaded to a torrent or a P2P program. The decrypter will then load a ads (CPA) possibly. That's where I need input, what kind of advertising should I use? Then it will load a php script that will randomly generate a key. The application will be password based, so it will be like myfreephphost.com/index.php?key=J12n34 which will output a password that will work with that local key. The key's will be generated at run time randomly. Thus, preventing someone from sharing the key unless the key repeats. Or a skilled hacker hooks the api of my application. Anyways, I was thinking of releasing it for sale. I would consider sharing my application who could help me out with some ideas. I have an indepth knowledge of programming and computer security. I just am new to the whole actually making money using my knowledge part.