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    Hello all, even if I`ve been on this site for a few days I haven`t introduced myself yet. My name is Robert (Yea I know the account is johnbranch, I like using a nickname) and I`m from Romania. I came here to learn more about seo and making some bucks online. My dream is to get in the next 6 months a website or online method that gets me around $500 a month to support me in my student years. But, the catch is I want to do this and prove for myself that I do not need to invest the money from my pocket. That`s why, I`m asking you guys. Do you have any ideas to get some money without a site in order to invest it later on? I have a good knowledge of the English language and I know to write fairly good articles. I like anime and video games and I made some Anime Music Videos some years ago while it was a trend in my country. I hope I can be a productive member of this forum and that I can have a good relation with all of you. I wish you all a good day and a happy life, cheers!
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    Hey there Robert, welcome to BHW!

    You are on the best place to learn money making methods, just make sure to stick around :)
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    You are come right place to learn SEO. this is the best place to learn Seo.