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    Jan 13, 2008
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    hey all, did not see my first attempt to post so trying again.

    it is great to find this place. looking for a home, a place to make new friends and hopefully learn this thing called internet marketing.

    I am unable to work right now and have had to apply for disability. I know I will be denied.

    After really being down for long time i have picked myself up and come to the conclusion that internet marketing is the only thing that can save my family.

    I know it is not going to be easy but I know if I can get some guidance and a little help I will be successful.

    So far I been ripped off a few times buying ebooks and gotten no where. But, I know there is someone out there who will step up and help me learn this stuff.

    I don't want to be spoon fed or anything. If you can guide me to some real information, guides info etc. I would love to digest it and spit out a few hundred questions, lol...

    Seriously, if anyone can help me understand all this and guide me to getting started my family and I would be forever greatful.

    Thank you ahead of time,