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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by INCC, May 7, 2019.

  1. INCC

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    Feb 12, 2018
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    Google Edward
    No fancy infographics this time as this service is simple and to the point.

    Since you’re here, it means that you want to make money online, and make money online is what you’re going to do, as BHW is the largest SEO and IM community in the world today.

    Here’s the thing; to make money through the internet, you need two things: dedication, and the right
    tools, and while you are responsible for the first, I’m here today to provide the second – a valuable tool
    that you can add to your arsenal so that you can kickstart your IM journey and keep ahead of the pack.

    Let’s cut to the chase; what is this service and how can you benefit from it?

    The title says it all; this is the “Online Business Starter Pack,” an all-in-one solution for all of your needs, which will help you kick the IM door and get in on the right foot as the only.

    Everybody has to start somewhere, and I’m offering you the shortest shortcut to success. Not only does this package contain our previous successful dropshipping service, but it’s also delivered with a wealth of knowledge in the form of tips, twists, and tweaks that you can apply to get rolling in the IM world the right way.

    You must have heard of dropshipping before. I mean, who hasn’t? Dropshipping is a flexible way to run
    your business, and it’s supported by the majority of the largest e-commerce platforms – including the
    biggest of them all, Shopify.

    Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform on the planet. Over half a million entrepreneurs
    already use Shopify to run their businesses, which is likely because it’s flush with features that enable
    entrepreneurs to succeed with their online stores.

    The thing is; while running a dropshipping store may be lucrative on its own, it can actually open the
    door to more money-making opportunities. After all, why stop at a simple dropshipping store, when you
    can get a full “Starter Pack” that covers different aspects of IM?

    That’s exactly what we bring to the table. A starter pack that covers everything you need and offers you the chance to combine several streams of income into one. Today, we join forces with @Nerva to
    provide a service that BHW has never witnessed before. Sorry BHW sellers, we’re setting a new standard today.

    What do we offer?

    Most BHWers make money by either running e-commerce stores or SEOing their way to the top, so we
    thought that it’s about time we offered a package that can give you the best of all worlds. Through our
    service, you can make money using two methods of monetization:

    Running your dropshipping store.
    Running your own blog and banking through the Amazon Affiliate program or ad networks.

    Our Previous dropshipping Entrepreneur Packages cost 1199 USD as a starting point (and they still do), we had nothing but happy customers from all over BHW.

    The price, although reasonable for the quality we offer, is pretty steep for many newcomers in the IM
    world. That’s why lots of them either drop the idea altogether or try to start on there own just to lose all
    of their money in the process and end up with nothing but empty wallets. That’s why we decided to
    switch our strategy and make some dropshipping stores in bulk in order to reduce the price of web
    development while offering the same benefits of our high-end packages.

    The catch? The supply is limited, which is why you need to jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late.

    We have a limited supply of ready-made dropshipping stores.

    Each site looks unique with a beautiful design that perfectly fits the niche.
    Each site uses one of previous Entrepreneur Package designs, which cost over 1000 USD.
    Each site uses HD, licensed content only.




    The price?

    Only 197 USD per site.

    What you will get with the Starter Package:

    Professional Store
    Over +100 Products
    Business Domain
    Business email
    Business logo
    Legal pages
    Fully-Automated System
    Profit margins always 100% or more per product
    Personalized About us Page for your fresh business
    Aged site: a minimum 1 month of age for each site


    As always, all our sites are fully automated to the fullest, which means that you don’t need to own the
    products you sell, neither do you have to take care of shipping and logistics. Just sit back, collect the
    profits, and let other people take care of the elbow grease for you!

    This price is a steal to anyone. I can assure you that you cannot get such a price anywhere else,
    especially for a unique, professional storefront crafted by the hands of highly-vouched developers.

    Now here comes the second part of this service and little introduction on why we have teamed up with
    @Nerva for this.

    As mentioned before, you don’t need to limit yourself in terms of monetization. You can have multiple
    income sources from owning a single Shopify Store, which is why our package is called the "Online Business Starter Pack".

    Using Shopify, you can run a dropshipping business and your own blog at the same time. The best part? You can post an unlimited number of blog posts on the same site and from the same domain, at no extra cost!

    Knowing that there are no extra fees to pay, you can start 2 ventures instantly with our service without
    having to worry about hosting costs and management.
    That's 2 new income sources, and that’s why this service is called "Online Business Starter Pack" - There isn't much else you could possibly need to get started with your own online hustling.

    With this service, you’ll have your hands full with endeavors in the IM game!

    Here’s a couple of examples as to how this works:

    You can manage your own dropshipping business while running your own blog to promote Amazon products and get affiliate commissions.


    You can manage your own dropshipping business while promoting your own Shopify products and ranking in Google with your articles = Organic traffic > Organic sales.

    If you want to read more how can you earn and benefit from your own blog, check this tutorial (link).
    Note that the author is not associated with current service, it's just a great example tutorial on how people can benefit and profit from their own blogs.

    This is where @Nerva, who is a very reputable writer with nothing but happy customers all over BHW, comes into play.

    For only 200 USD, Nerva will write, edit, and publish 10 1000-word professional articles for your new

    You can ask for the topics that you prefer, pick the niche of your choice, and submit any details you want regarding the Amazon products that you want to promote and whatnot, and he’ll reach out to you with the instructions for a seamless writing and blogging experience.

    You don’t need to do any work here either, as you’ll get your blog posts published on your already-
    automated dropshipping store without having to do anything from your side. The whole experience is
    hands-free for you.
    You MUST provide your own keywords/topics and instructions for the blog posts.

    If you grab the blogging package for your dropshipping store, the delivery for the articles can take 10 to
    30 days.


    Simply because Nerva is a one-man army, not a team, and he is very dedicated to what he does. Rest
    assured as your wait will be rewarded with great quality.

    To check Nerva’s reviews, take a look at his sales thread here (Link).

    Additionally, Nerva also offers a writing package for custom product descriptions, where you can get 100 custom-written product descriptions for only 100 USD.

    You can buy the aforementioned services together or separately.

    If you’re only interested in getting yourself a professional dropshipping business, then you can do that.
    If you’re interested in buying a professional dropshipping business along with the blogging package and maybe even your own custom product descriptions on top of it, then you are more than welcome to do that as well.

    We also offer professional Press Release services so that people with bigger budgets can have the
    option to throw more advanced, higher-end features to the mix.

    So, to sum it up, here’s what you can get:

    Dropshipping Store: 197 USD

    Optional Extras:

    10x Blogging Service: 200 USD
    Custom Product Descriptions: 100 USD
    Press Releases: 99-129 USD

    What makes these sites such an excellent investment is the fact that if ever you feel like quitting the
    dropshipping scene, you can easily flip your website on Flippa as a “Starter Business” for 400-500 USD. If you make only a couple hundred bucks in profits, your dropshipping business can be sold for more than 1000 USD. Anything more than that and you can easily hit five figures. That's exactly why I'm limiting the sales to one site per buyer so that people wouldnt start abusing the price and reselling stores immediately.


    As a security measure, no sales will be made to new users. If you’ve been here for less than a
    week, we cannot deal with you, unfortunately.

    Notable members and those with history in here, on the other hand, are eligible to order multiple sites at once, but make sure to contact me first.

    One last thing: our stores are ready-made, and our packages are limited, so once they sell out, they’re
    gone for good. Don’t let the chance pass you by.

    The first batch of sites was made on 3/15/2019
    The second batch of sites was made on 3/22/2019

    Get Your Dropshipping Store Today!


    Which Niche Do You Have in Stock?

    Available niches are:

    Women's Fashion
    Men's Fashion
    Tactical Products (
    tactical boots, military backpacks, clothing, etc.)
    Camping Products (all camping-related things)
    Sports Store (Leggings, sporting goods, athletic shoes, etc.)
    Vaping (Everything vape-related, such as kits, pens, atomizers, etc.)
    Decor (Home interior products)
    Children (All kids related products, clothing, etc.)
    Beard (Everything beard-related, such as beard oils, supplies, etc.)
    Lingerie (female-oriented)
    Headphones (Headphones & small electronics)
    Swimwear (Female-oriented for the upcoming summer season)

    NOTE: Some of the niches have only 1-3 stores available, so make sure to grab your store before it’s too late.

    Do You Offer Custom Store Development?

    If you’re looking for custom web development for a niche you didn’t find here or have any other special
    requirements - You can head to this thread (Link) to get more information.

    How Can I Contact You?

    If you have any questions regarding this service, don’t hesitate to post them down below or drop me a

    What Is the Turnaround Time?

    24-48 hours for the dropshipping store.
    10-30 days for the blogging package.

    Refund Policy:

    There are no refunds once the payment has been accepted, if you have any problem we will fix it.

    Before Ordering:

    Do not place any orders before contacting me first.

    Purchase Link:


    Why the Wait? Kickstart Your Dropshipping Business Before It’s Too Late!

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    Thread Approved.
    Worked with INCC before and knew what to expect. Professionally built website all ready to go. This is another one of those things where you wanna cut to the bit where you market your site without doing anything before. Decent price as well.
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  3. INCC

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    Feb 12, 2018
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    Google Edward



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