HCG Diet Drops – (40% commissions) – up to $900 of bonus! Bonus start from only 10 monthy

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    HCG Diet Drops ? (40% commissions) ? up to $900 of bonus! Bonus start from only 10 monthy sales!

    HCG is the perfect product to lose weight and suppress the appetite based on trends that have exploded in recent years.

    Why promote HCG Diet Drops?

    We use a proprietary formulation that marries modern day technology with HCG diet formula for the best possible weight loss management.

    While there are some restrictions on the use of HCG diet drops by the FDA, our formulation doesn?t contain the real HCG hormone but only its weight reduction qualities making us FDA complaint.

    By joining our affiliate program you will receive:

    a.) 40% commission with the possibility to increase it to 50% per sale

    b.) Opportunity to earn as much as $75 for a single sale and even more with an increased commission

    c.) Monthly top affiliate bonuses of up to $400

    d.) More bonuses of up to $900 every month when agreed directly with us

    e.) One of the few HCG Diet Drops products available online that can be legally sold without prescription! Promote this highly demanded and rarely available product.

    To help you convert, we have:

    a.) Live chat support. Our agents are converting visitors into customers with 15% conversion rate.

    b.) PayPal checkout which has a guest checkout also.

    d.) Free shipping in the US

    e.) Banners and other helpful resources to help with your promotions.

    Here is the bonus breakdown. Based on the number of sales you introduce:

    ? Make 10 sales and get a bonus of $20

    ? Make 25 sales and get a bonus of $50

    ? Make 51 sale and get a bonus of $100

    ? Make 81 + sale and get a bonus of $200

    We look forward to be working with every single on of you. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us through the Paydot messaging system.

    Feel free to contact us if you need anything else. You can join our program using this link: dietdropsdiet.com/hcg-affiliate-program/
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    so this is your first post and you post your aff. program...i suggest you read the forum rulez first!
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    lol hcg to lose weight. Double lol fake hcg to lose weight. NotSureIfSerious
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    You are not allowed to put that here !
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    A little step taken by you can change your whole life for good. Hcg Drops Australia drops can end up being your closest companion that won't abandon you when others will stroll off. These drops can likewise help you in expelling the weight from the ranges which you prior thought was almost unimaginable. Presently recount your weight reduction story to your companions and relatives certainly after you have joined a weight administration course with HCG. The outcomes that you will get would doubtlessly WOW your companion and relatives.
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