HCG, Acai, and Colon Offers here for affiliates

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    We are looking for affiliates to come on board. Currently we have a hot acai and colon offers as I speak. We will soon be launching an HCG offer as well.

    Best of all anything goes more then less. As long as your traffic converts and charge backs are kept to a minimum (under 1 percent). We will have to review your sites, but no need to worry we are lenient and flexible with your traffic.

    You will be working with us directly. So now is the time to get in on this as you will get incredible payouts vs working with a network. Soon we will be making agreements with third party affiliate networks. That means we will not be working with affiliates directly. Only the ones we accept now until the time we do start working with third party affiliate networks.

    If you are interested please reply here. We will discuss through e-mail or Skype. Feel free to message me as well.