HawkHost Boxing Day 2012 Specials and Coupons - 80% OFF

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    For Boxing Day this year, we?ll be offering up to 80% off any super shared hosting plan, along with a number of other specials for shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, and VPS plans. This is our fourth year of Boxing Day specials, and as a proud Canadian company we?ll be continuing this tradition for years to come. For those who aren?t familiar, Boxing Day is a holiday in Canada and is celebrated in a number of other regions throughout the world. Even if you?re not from Canada, we?d still like you all to celebrate with us. Who doesn?t enjoy an extra holiday? For the curious, Wikipedia has more information on Boxing Day in this article.

    Shared Specials
    80% off super shared hosting package for the first year using the coupon boxing2012super (Regular Price: $129.48, Boxing Day Price: $25.90)

    55% off the first payment on all shared hosting accounts using the coupon 55boxing2012

    Reseller Specials
    35% off recurring on all reseller accounts using the coupon boxing2012r35percent

    55% off the first payment on all reseller accounts using the coupon boxing2012r55percent

    Semi-Dedicated Specials
    40% off recurring on all semi-dedicated accounts using the coupon boxingsd40percent

    VPS Server Specials
    40% off recurring on all VPS servers in Dallas, TX using the coupon boxingvps40percent

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