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    Name: Wal-Mart Attempted Theft
    Location: Wal-Mart
    Date: November 2009

    I needed a visa for online purchases and only had a mastercard...Wal-Mart has a "Moneycard" you can get for $1 and load up to $1500 on it. I already had one I just needed to reload it and the customer service line was really long. Thankfully they have a "Money Machine" that you can use to load the debit cards.

    I wanted to load the maximum and had 15 crisp 100 dollar bills. So I put them all in there one by one and waited a few seconds and it merely gave me a receipt that said simply "Please give customer $1500" I figured right away this had just gotten complicated.

    I went to the service desk and the lady told me (obviously) "I can't just give you $1500". So I waited 25 minutes while she was on the phone and eventually a manager came and took all the money out of the ATM and went into a back room.

    I was pacing and sweating for 20 more minutes and then he came out and said "The machine doesn't show the money you put in it and the cameras don't show you putting any money in". I started losing my mind I asked "can I see the camera" he said instantly "no". My first thought was of course that one of the biggest corporations in the world is trying to take my money. My second thought was that I was going to have to call the police.

    It is about the third time when someone has told me devastating news face to face and then just blankly started at me expecting me to just walk away. I started stuttering and shaking pulling out my wallet to show him i still had a bunch of money........I re-enacted myself putting in every bill 1 by 1.

    He told me to calm down I asked him how could I calm down as he has just ruined my life. He went back in the room and after another 30 minutes came back and told me that he did a manual count and the money was in there.

    He obviously stereotyped me as not possibly being able to have that much money and I had a TOOL shirt on instead of a suit so........If you have ever heard of Wal-Mart trying to take $1500 from anyone else let me know otherwise im throwing it up on the YOU HAVE SCREWED ME OVER board!!!

    Up Next: Paypal calls the cops on me because I said I would jump off of the bridge I would be living under because of them.
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    Since it all worked out in the end... That's pretty funny. Something like that would really get you're adrenaline pumping. lol.
    Can't wait to read this story. :cool:
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    I purchased a hand gun from wal mart for around $500. They had me pre-pay then they order it and you pick it up when it comes in. Went to pick it up and no record of me paying even though I had a receipt. Took me 3 days to finally get my cash back and I told them to fuck off and paid an extra $50 to pick the gun up same day from a real gun shop.
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    I guess making love to your eyes since you're read
    In your mind.
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    Brilliant, how many of these do you have? Memoirs of a black hatter....
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    Atleast 10 more equally as horrible all in the last year and a half
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    I feel for you bro, you do know that you can always reach out to me for anything. :)
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    But was it a nice Tool t-shirt?

    Reminds me of when my buddy got arrested for being drunk in public and his shirt said,"Instant Asshole Just Add Alcohol"

    Doesn't relate too much but oh well.
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    Yep you are an amazing friend I feel like I owe u so much as it is bro and I'm really disappointed I haven't been able to make things up to u yet. Can u pm me the new staff chatroom key :)