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    I have been on BHW day and night reading up on everything I must know. And then I realized that I was stalling from actually getting SHIT done.

    I am a vesy meticulous person, and I like to educate myself about everything before I attempt to do anything... I figured out, thats a bad thing. (not the educating myself part, but the being stubborn part).

    I wanted to start an amazon affiliate site, but I then distract myself and procrastinate and start to try and learn how to create an instagram bot or something of irrelevant nature. I have a tough time on starting and I'm sure they're people here on this form that are going through the same issue. HAVING DIFFICULTIES TO START or THEIR'S TOO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.

    Do I need to buy domains privately? Do I need some sort of special hosting to not get in trouble? How do I set up multiple Web 2.0's? How do I get multiple backlinks? How can I do black hat SEO without getting my IP banned?

    There's so many questions to be answered. But theres also a funny side to that statement. All of the questions are answered on this site. Literally ALL questions are answered on this site, in fact there are too many duplicates.

    So I figured it out. It wasn't that I don't know how to start; don't have money; laziness; etc. It was me being afraid of running into roadblocks after starting. So I want to start a thread for any members on here (more
    specifically newbies) like me who want to have a thread for an open discussion on anything for us to get the ball rolling. And for any big boys that will love to share some ideas, thoughts or assistance would be great.

    Hope this thread works out as planned!