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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by demoncrest, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Hey all, as the title says I have been having some trouble finding and thinking of ways to market poker affiliate links. I am venturing with programs that pay a flat rate per lead which deposits $x upon sign-up. I know that a lot of the niche is saturated and I won't say impossible but extremely tough to break through the clutter which most people have had established for quite some time.

    I was thinking of surefire ways to get some exposure such as through ebay ads paying for them to be on the front page, or other similar ways which will guarantee exposure such as adwords... problem is with adwords its extremely expensive for the keywords...

    Now with this being said, I don't expect anyone to give away their awesome secrets which are working well for them because I want to respect their own ideas for cash flow, but if you have any ideas you can contribute to myself via PM (if you have something to keep on the down-low) or this thread in general for hopefully many to learn from, please take the time to reply!

    Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can lend a hand here, I'm truly having a tough time, but I know the rewards are large and I am definitely motivated to go for the gold!!!! :D

    ~ [D]C