Having a good main moral but to execute it you must have bad morals... Give your opinion.

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    Alright first off this isn't about me or anyone in particular...

    I was just reading something on here and the subject came across my mind and the moral aspect of it, so here it is.

    Would it be wrong to scam dope-heads, pill heads, and fiends out of their cash to give to an addiction center for people wanting to actually stop?

    In my personal opinion yes it would be wrong to scam and steal money from people but the people that the money would be stolen from are just using it to feed their addictions and could end up overdosing, stealing, or killing so that could be an upside to start the detox process but also if the money is stolen then they may steal and kill for some more.

    The good moral of the situation would to be able to donate to actual addiction centers that are looking to help dope-heads, pill heads, and fiends to get off the drugs that are ruining their lives... These people actually want to change for the best and some don't have the funds to get their selves into treatment so then the center could have an opening or two that are from donations.

    Now what is your opinion on this situation? Lets see what your brains are like and lets see some very smart opinions / answers!
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    Once you accept stealing as a good thing, you 'll find 1000 excuses for it. It 's simple really - you either respect other people 's property or don't.
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    Just like MLM. Those top heads runs away with all the lower tier's poor individual's cash.

    Should we feel sad for them? Or should they just blame their blind greediness?

    Just like those greedy bastards whom would do anything for those get rich quick schemes.

    Honestly speaking, I don't feel sad for them (unless if I know them).

    And for OP's question regarding potheads, pill heads... you shouldn't feel sad for them. They should know what they are doing is already ruining their lives and hurting the people around them. But of course, that doesn't give us the right to scam them.
    I would prefer to just ignore them and not bother about them. Just wish them good luck and let's carry on our journey to riches!

    And help those whom really need help.

    Donate your own money. I believe in generosity and donations. I always tip drivers whenever I take a cab; donate whenever I see a real needy person is begging - when I say needy I mean those whom are old, if not, physically or mentally handicap. Not those fully bodied people whom are just lazy and ends up begging instead of working.
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    Stealing is stealing.

    it only works with Robin Hood. And that was a work of fiction.
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    It's all about perception. If you feel that stealing is good, then you would also consider murdering others is also a good thing good to do. If you're giving your mind 100 reasons in support of committing a crime, then your conscience will not raise questions, but actually you're doing wrong no matter what your opinion is. You can work hard and earn money, but you choose for a simpler options that is to steal hard earned money of others, so this automatically makes you wrong.

    Now please note that I am not targeting you. Here, "you" can be anybody.
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    I would say stealing is bad no matter how you figure it. You're also subjecting yourself to some form of danger/harassment by scamming drug addicts.
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    Stealing is breaking the law. So, in that respect, yes it's wrong. However, if you are talking about a moral decision, it may be morally wrong, but the ultimate decision comes up to you. Robin Hood thought he was right.
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    Charity generally doesn't do shit and is horrible. The governments robs us with their taxes, let them take care of any problems. As long as I pay taxes I don't donate to any charity.

    Also, as someone said, when you find a reason to steal and start doing it, you will find 1000 more reasons.