Have you outranked ecommerce giants for commercial keywords?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gentzalli, May 25, 2017.

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    Is it possible? This is where I think keyword difficulty tools are completely irrelevant. Even if the top 10 have no backlinks, I've noticed that google just prefers authorities like Walmart and Target for keywords that are very commercial like "buy keyword" or "keyword for sale".

    Have any of you ever outranked some of these giants for super commercial terms?
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    Oct 25, 2015
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    under there
    1 niche I was up against target, Walmart, home Depot, Lowe's, ace hardware, amazon, to name a few. First 20 results were all major shopping sites, not an affiliate site in sight.
    Took 1yr, I now outrank them for the "buy x" keyword. I have 0, I repeat 0, external backlinks for that phrase.

    First thing I did, dissect x. Look for all related, low rank, non-commercial terms, we're not just talking long-tails and LSI but really break it down.
    shoes = x
    So I start breaking that down
    Shoelaces: good for you, hopefully you can tie your own or this will become harder.
    Shoe sole material: not 1 post, but give me a breakdown 500 word minimum for each type of material, then give me a big guide talking briefly about how the different materials can help or hurt your choice "shouldn't go running in leather soled loafers".
    Styles: break them down, give me solid 500 word descriptions of the different styles. Now combine them into a massive guide, linking out liberally(both to your posts, but also also authority places when needed)
    Trends: running shoes with a suit? Wingtips with shorts? Brown shoes black suit? Give me some trendy style tips, and liberally link out(internal and external)
    Shoe bottom patterns: does waffling help with traction better then wavey bottoms? What is the right pattern for beach jogging?
    Support/cushioning: what are Arch supports? What are good tips for shoes and bone spurs? Link out liberally(internally and externally).

    Get the point? Keep at it, put up 100-150-300 articles like this.

    Now, write the ultimate shoe buying guide, link out to all your internal posts when possible.
    Build your external links to that. Personally, I am nearly at 90% between naked URLs and branded links, but find your own happy place there.

    Now start writing buying guides now:
    The dapper hipsters guide to wingtips
    Running shoes, no bullshit guide to the 10 best.

    Build your external backlinks to your guides.

    Slowly but surely you'll see Google love.
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    Very insightful post.

    I can trust what you are saying because that is a LOT of work to do in order to rank for a keyword.

    Thus, most people looking just for quick gains will not bother putting that much legwork in.

    Props on thinking outside the box and understanding (whether directly or indirectly) that when money is concerned (from product sales) google has to TRUST your website before it rewards you with rankings.

    S'all about making your websites trustworthy in the eyes of google!

    All the best!
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    As you say, Google just has a preference for large eCommerce sites in certain SERPS. If you don't see a blog ranking there I would move on to the next keyword.
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    for bigger keywords no way. For medium competition you can, however you will need a very powerful PBN to be able to do that.

    Just think from buyer point of view. You search for something to buy, why would you click on a site which is not selling? You yourself will click on a site which sells i.e. ecommerce sites so it is working fine.
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    My tests shows the same in any good money buying keyword. +100 articles + 10 weeks at least = first page ranking.