Have you been or about to be scammed?

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    OK.. I have to say this after looking through so many scam posters not only on this forum but all over the Net. Especially in the joint ventures and wholesael sections.

    1) If an offer sounds too good to be true it is. Come on no-one is seriously going to let you make $10k a month off their hard work with no risk etc. Step back and apply some common sense at all times. There is no free lunch. Hard work, taking risks are the only ways.

    2) You must verfiy their "story" first. You can never take anyones word for anything. When they claim they are getting hold of Legitimate brand name products from China because their dad owns the factory that makes the originals.........You have to verify this. If the sh** hits the fan especaily with replicas you can't simply say "I believed his cock and bull story."

    3) If big money is involved make sure you know who you are dealing with. Talk to them, over time, try and see how trust worthy they are. Is this their real name? What's their real address. And if big money is involved draw up real contracts. Think long and hard about doing big money deals with foreing people..you'll have virtually no chance of taking them to court etc should you find your-slerf a victim of the scam. They should not be scared of this(contract) . IF they are, depsite the excuses, you are probably being lied and scammed to. The scammer will never reveal his true identity and sign legally binding contracts would they? I am not saying some JV's collapse etc...but as long as both parties know the risks and the truth they enter with their eyes open. That's business.

    Scams only work when they dangle the "greed carrot" in front of your nose. They wil alays have "stories", reasons, excsues why they have created this edge and "contracts, real personal info. cannot be shared and you must act fast or you weill misss out. It's designed for one thing only...to get you to part with your cash chasing some impossible dream and when you realize you ahve been scamemd you have no-one to take legal action against.

    Listen to your "gut feel" if "something" just doesn't quite add up..it's not you being a "catious Nelly" it's actually your head (common sense) trying to break through your greed and show you what is really going down. If you chose to ingore this then be it on your head.

    Good luck. It's a tough place out there. Many, many scammers are trying to rip you off. BUT if you apply common sense and take your time you might just be able to land a profitable deal one day..might. It's best to wal kaway from any deal unless it is 100% watertight.

    "A fool and his money..."

    I am al lfor high risk JV's and even some BH stuff. As long as al lthe cards are on the table and both parties are happy with the risk. But I am seeing so much B*S* going on I hope this psot at least saves one eprson from being a victim of another scam.

    APPLY COMMON SENSE is all it really takes.
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    crash test dummy
    Israel. it's in the middle east and full of nutter
    Yeah I was scammed, kind of, I bought $8000 worth of bullion from a company called ebullion, all was well till I checked my account one day and the FBI had shut it down and arrested the owner for murdering his wife and money laundering, James Fayed is his name.
    For years now the FBI has had my assets, I had to prove that I bought them with 'clean' money, still waiting for the feds to give me my money back.
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    i was scammed by a person, for 4000$ :( and i have learned alot from it .. so now i do transaction very carefully and avoid beign scammed again :)
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    Beware of BHW member "Franciscot". Dude tried to get services for free from me by opening a dispute on Paypal after I delivered the service. I won the dispute but had it been a newbie the outcome could've been worse.

    I didn't make a shitlist thread since he only has like 2 posts here and im sure he would just make a new account if he needed to.
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    LOL I have been scammed like twice now.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKgPY1adc0A{param}"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/{param}" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425″ height="350″></embed></object>
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    Great post.
    This should be at the top of the Wholesale/Dropshipping and Ebay as a warning.

    Though I am far from an active BHW forum poster, I have been selling online for 15 years, and sometimes the greed can get anybody - you must stop and think with common sense.
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    a couple of times it sucks.