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Jul 13, 2009
I havent been here much lately and i think it has to do with the fact that im making good money and would rather enjoy life than spend it infront of my computer. But there are many that are starting out where i started out oneday and wanted to give back in a way another member gave back with his succes story.

Someone made a post similiar to this about how they moved from l.a to texas, how there girlfriend cheated on them and how now hes making really good money on the internet. That post inspired me and i hope to do the same with this post too.

Just a bit of backround on how i got to this point in my life. I was what you could call a fuck up growing up. I was the kid in school other parents didnt want there kids hanging around with. I got kicked out of high school. Been to jail and 3 years house arrest when i was 18-19. I worked as a dj at a stripclub and one of the strippers which i had a relationship with for a bit got my feet wet as a cocaine dealer. I ended up leaving the strip club industry and become a full time drug dealer which went great for 2 years but as n e one that has been in that game know that you can only take so much before it starts taking from you. I ended up hitting rock bottom with nothing due to a seroius fucked up bad luck streak (which i probeley deserved). While at zero with no intentions of returning to the game and with a desire to make it legit i came across some videos on youtube about "the rich jerk". I ended up finding his ebook on a torrent site and read through tthe whole thing and made up my mind that the internet is where i need to be. I started a few things on my own like getting ppl to click on adsense ads to watch ufc fights and making blogs with affilate links but wasnt making as much as i would like.

One day came across [email protected] and decided to googgle the name to see if they were legit or not. Sure enough the result brought up blackhatforum and my whole life changed at that moment. I was blown away by all the information on this site and realized how much money could be made online. I spent 10-12 hours on the computer reading the sites, downloading ebooks and watching youtube videos on using dreamweaver and photoshop. I ended up with a few methods that brought in bank but seemed like something would always fuck up and could never be consistant. Most people would have quit but i kept telling myself "this is a test to see how much you really want this".
As with anything in life its hard to stop something that doesnt give up and have now automated a couple of methods and been making more money in my life than i have ever in my past.

Now what really blew me away though was this video i had seen that was posted on bhw during my time of researching. Its Frank kern and some other dude talking about the law of attraction. After watching the video i did what frank kern did and right in detail what the perfect day would be for me. I wrote how i would wake up in the morning and check how much money i made sleeping while drinking a smoothie protien shake. then how i would do an hour or 2 of work and then head out to the gym and school in a white sports car. Then i would come home and see the ocean from my balcony. How i would go on vacations 2 3 times a year and much more. Sure enough i have a white eclispse convertable, leave in a condo right by the beach in vancouver, wake up in the morning and see more money than when i went to sleep plus got my pad full furnished. Plus a lot lot more things.

Here are the videos

You should watch them and really really right out your ideal day on a piece of paper. Be as unreasonable as you can when you do this. This stuff works im telling you. After you do this start paying attention to what you notice in life. Life will start giving you hints here and there and from there u must act on them. They will all lead to the lifestyle you want. Some people will say the secret is all bullshit and i dont really care. I have so many different instances of it happeneing that no one can tell me shit. I have the girl of my dreams, ive met dana white and got tickets to a ufc event for free from him pluss soooo much more.

Ive done all this in just over a year of starting in this field of internet marketing. It hasnt been easy but since this is what i want to do in life its been a blast. Ive met great people on this forum and have proven to all the people that im not a fuck up and capable of great things. All the people that called me an idiot before are kissing my ass and telling me good things that never came out of there mouth when i was dead broke.

For all those starting out all i can say is that check out the download section and read the ebooks there. download whatever u can and just read read read. Let your brain flurish with what is possible and how creative some people are out there. Make notes while you read of what methods you would like to try. After a week or 2 of solid reading start putting in action. Really make an effort and contorl your urge to look at porn while u work. Narrow down your methods to something that has potential and stick with it. The reason why people fail is cuz theyre jumping all over the place and not really embracing the learning curve that comes with any for of business you want to get into. Once u start making money think of how you can outsource the work and how you can scale it. if 1000 facebook friends makes you $100 then most likely if you have 10 facebook acounts with 2000 friends on each one you can make $2k. Its as simple as that.

This audio tape is called money and the law of attraction. It is GOLD. I listened to it over and over while i worked and it will make you bank if you can really absorb what there talking about.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/1inzg54mm2w/Money and the Law of Attraction.rar
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