Have SeNuke don't know how to use it, I am willing to let someone else use it ;)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sinrag, Apr 22, 2010.

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    i have SeNuke and I am running it on a home based computer witch I am not using (some kind of server with windows 7)

    I am willing to let someone use my senuke (remotely) if this someone can promote my websites. The computer is running 24/7 so it is available for this person all day long ;) The computer is a little bit slow but I am waiting for my upgrade.

    Also I am thinking of getting Xrumor, and host it with other computer at my home, is that possible or is it better to have it on a dedicated server?

    If some wants to use the Senuke and maybe later on us Xrumor just comment. I am only letting one person in my computer :)
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    Good luck with getting someone to use SeNuke for you since anyone that has an interest in using it can get it because it is so widely accessible.
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    Somone who can't even spell xrumer correctly shouldn't even be using these tools
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    Hmmm...You yourself can't even spell someone --"Somone"-- What kind of satisfaction do you get on constantly insulting fellow members? Lighten up dude.
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    Try to learn how to use it. It's rather powerful stuff. I use it for my white-hat and gray-hat stuff alike. Read the senuke forums, as much as there is a lot of crap on there, there is the occasional great thread. Like this epic thread which gives you STEP BY STEP instructions on how to make a successful campaign.

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    Thanks allot, the first useful info I got from this ;)
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    SeNuke can be user friendly if you know anything about SEO. There's so much to learn on how to use it. I suggest you go to the forum and spend sometime reading tips and tricks on how to make it work.

    There are 5 powerful modules available. Learn each one at a time. You have plenty of time to learn them if you signed up for the 7 days free trial and 30 days money back guarantee.
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    Yukinari has posted an excellent little breakdown on SeNuke, I suggest a search and read...
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    Nov 3, 2009
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    Lolz i agree ...
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    Yeah, I've got SEnuke today and it looked rather complicated at first, but, despite my habits I actually watched all the training videos and it's cristal clear now. Nothing complicated over there, just take some time and learn it, it's easy and useful. Another advice, DO NOT let anyone in your PERSONAL computer :)
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    Tanks for the advice. I have already watched the videos, still I don't know how to setup keywords to my links and how fast I can do this don't even know if I got my domain sandboxed by google :)

    again thanks
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    Seriously this guy is here all day flaming everyone. I wonder what he's trying to accomplish being a lowlife like that.
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    Since you have to register at that forum. I wanted to find the text, I found it and here it is.


    I have a team of workers who use SEnuke to make me money. Here's the steps I have given them, you might find these useful:

    [DISCLAIMER] I released this step-by-step guide over a year ago. Not only has SEnuke changed in the meantime, so has Google. A year ago these steps worked amazingly well. But since so many people followed this to the T, it created a predictable pattern for Google to catch on to, so it doesn't work as well anymore. This is one of the reasons I was hesitant to publish a step-by-step guide in the first place. It creates cookie cutter approaches, and those never last long in effectiveness.

    HOWEVER, if you're brand new to SEnuke, this step-by-step guide is still really useful to get a feel for the software. Just don't expect amazing results following this to the T.

    So how DO you get good results in Google without following a step-by-step guide? Simple: create your own system. There are a million different ways of using SEnuke. Create your own little unique twist to it, keeping in mind the flow of link juice from high PR pages. Don't just do what everyone else is doing: social network day one, bookmark day two, rss day three, profile nuke day four.

    Everyone is doing that! Mix it up. Create unique link patterns, don't just stick to linkwheels. Create mini-networks of web 2.0 sites. Nuke your nukes. Think about link pyramids.

    If you don't understand how basic SEO works though, this software might be too advanced for you at this stage. [/DISCLAIMER]

    1. Choose a product

    1. http://www.clickbank.com ->Marketplace->Category->Pick product with grav at least 60
    2. Make sure alexa rank of product is less than 300,000
    3. Look over sales page and make sure it's good. if something has an alexa ranking of less than 100,000 then its good.
    4. Create hoplink->Clickbank nickname = [your clickbank id]
    5. Copy and save the link at the top... called the "affiliate link"

    2. Keyword Research

    1. Brainstorm a keyword that people would use to search for your product.
    2. Open up SEnuke and type that keyword (max 4 words) into SEnuke: "Keyword to research" box.
    3. Search for->Keywords on Google keywords tool.
    4. Type captcha and click "get keyword ideas".
    5. Wait for page to load... make sure keywords are relevant or try another keyword.
    6. Click on "copy keywords for batch research".
    7. Click on "Find competition".
    8. Now you will pick a keyword to target. Make sure difficulty rating is "extremely easy" or "easy". And search count is at least 100. Higher the search count, the better. ALSO, make sure that the keyword has a "Search count for the past month" associated with it. If a keyword has a search count for the previous month, this improves reliability of the average search count (from my experience). Even better, use this trick to find a great keyword: http://www.senuke.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1121
    9. Also, make sure keyword is relevant.
    10. Double click keyword that is either extremely easy or easy... with highest search count... to copy it to clipboard.
    11. Save this keyword for future reference.

    3. Writing article

    1. SEnuke->Social Network Nuke->Type in keyword at top
    2. "Download article from Ezinearticles"
    3. Go to preview tab.
    4. Keep clicking button until you find an article between 300-400 words.
    5. Read that article, and make sure that you can talk about the product in the article.
    6. Once you find a good article that you can use to promote the product, you will change the article.
    7. Go to "Create spinner article" tab.
    8. Select a sentence, go into "edit box", press Enter after the initial sentence and type in a replacement for that sentence. Type 2 sentence variations and press "Apply". All sentence variations should say the same thing.
    9. Repeat this for the entire article, re-writing every sentence 3 times.
    10. After this, click the "Check Uniqueness" button. Make sure uniqueness is at least 30%.
    11. Copy the "title" into the beginning of the article and add 2 sentence variations. Make sure the keyword that you chose in step 2 appears exactly as it is written in the title of the article, preferably twice. For example: "Phone reversal, Use phone reversal to find out who that cell phone belongs to."
    12. Cut and paste the title out of the article into the "title field" again.
    13. Write a sentence at the top of the article to motivate people to click and go to product sales page.
    14. Right-click on sentence and click on "add link to selected anchor text".
    15. Paste your affiliate link in here.
    16. Now select everything from <a... to </a> and right click and click on "Bold selected text".
    17. Click on "preview sample article" tab to make sure you get a bolded link.
    18. Now copy that link and paste it to the bottom of the article as well.
    19. Find an image to use for the product (like a box cover or something) and add that near the top of the article by right clicking in the article editor and selecting "Add image.." and pasting the image URL. This image can be usually found on the product sales page.
    20. Underneath the image, write 5 key problems that the product solves. Underneath these 5 points, add your affiliate link again, with a "click here" anchor text.
    21. ALSO, near the bottom of the article, write a statement like "Other sites worth checking out".. press Enter and on the next line add this piece of code:
    #randurls[4|1|new line|]#
    This piece of code adds random links to other submissions that you've done in the past, to build backlinks for them.

    19. Think of 5 words to put in tags that are related to your product/article and make SURE that the keyword you chose in step 2 is the first of these words. (separated by comma).
    20. Take your keyword and change it to one word without spaces (copy it into the article body). Re-write this word 4 different times using hyphens, numbers, and letters. The keyword MUST appear in here exactly as you chose it. Click apply and cut and paste this back into the domain field.

    4. Submit article.

    1. Select "blogspot". Make sure nothing else is selected, and click Start.
    2. Wait for captcha and enter it and press continue. Let the program finish.
    3. Click on "copy URL list" after submission is completed, and save this for reference. This is your blog URL.
    4. Go back to the article, delete the link at the top and the link at the bottom.
    5. Now write a sentence at the bottom which is inviting, something like: To perform a reverse cell phone lookup and find out who that number belongs to, please check out this phone reversal website.
    6. Make sure the keyword that you chose in step 2 is in that sentence exactly as it appears. Now add 2 variations to this sentence as well using the edit box.
    7. Right click on the keyword + a couple other words if required and click on "add link to selected anchor text" and paste your blog URL.
    8. Now you are ready to submit the article.
    9. Click on the "select all" checkbox at the top and select appropriate categories for the article.
    -----> Update: DON'T select the article directories, only the social networking sites.
    -----> Update Mar 23, 2010: For best results, you should NOT submit to all the social networking sites in one day. Google is catching on to this. Spread the submissions out over many days. Preferably submit to just 3-5 websites per day if you can manage it. It looks a lot more natural and therefore your results will be much better.
    10. Then click on "Start!"
    11. If border turns yellow, it wants you to enter the captcha and press "Continue". Use the "pause" feature at the top if you can't enter the captcha easily.
    12. Once submission report comes up click on "Save report" and save it somewhere.
    13. Now click on "Send to pinger". Then click on "Start pinging!" and wait for the pinging to finish.

    5. Submitting social bookmarks and RSS feeds.

    1. Click on "social bookmark nuke" tab. Click on "use sites from last social network nuke submission".
    2. Change setting: Bookmark 2 random websites.
    3. Copy title and tags from social network nuke to social bookmark nuke.
    4. Type a small one or two sentence description. Something like: Ever wanted to know who that certain cell phone number belongs to? Then check this out.
    5. Select all websites, choose a Digg and Propeller category, and click Start!
    6. Make sure you have about 6 browser windows running at the same time by clicking the "New browser" button repetitively. Then click on "Tile Vertically" So that you can see all the windows.
    7. Every time a window turns yellow, click on "Pause" at the top to stop everything and enter the captcha. Then press continue. After entering all the captchas, press Unpause.
    8. Wait for all windows to turn blue.
    9. Click on "Rss nuke" tab.
    10. Copy tags over, change setting to submit 2 RSS feeds.
    11. Click on "use RSS feeds from last social network nuke submission." Make sure all the websites in the website list have to do with your keyword.
    12. Select all the websites, choose categories, and hit Start!
    13. If border turns yellow, enter captcha, and do everything else like you did before. Wait for all windows to turn blue.

    One final step: Go into social network nuke, save project. Now wait about 1 week to start seeing affiliate sales in your clickbank account. Rinse and repeat