Have Phone Number, Address, Names, Emails, etc for most businesses-What to Do With It?

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    I scraped a huge amount of data from online directories and business websites for most US and Canada small businesses. Currently about 11 million records in CSV files, sorted by NAICS codes, most of which have emails, website, owner names(s), address, date founded, phone numbers, etc. The data quality is pretty amazing, considering that its just scraped data. I've tested a couple hundred emails, ~95% were valid decision maker emails, ~70% open rate. I also have all their websites and directory listings (the major ones) compressed and saved on a couple hard drives. I can't decide what to do with the data.

    Any suggestions would be so helpful, I've never dealt in the data market before. I can update this data monthly with my programs, and there aren't many expenses outside a couple hundred/mo in proxy/hosting bills, really nothing significant.

    I've considered the following:
    • Add a section on my company's website where the data can be purchased. Buy some adwords ads and hire somebody to do SEO to drive traffic to the page. Do you think this would even sell? There are some established names out there.
    • Make ads on sales/business forums, sell data to salespeople/smb owners.
    • Sell data B2B to existing business data providers.
    • Do a JV looking for sales partners. I provide the data and website, they do the selling, I give them 30-40% or something.

    If you want to make offers, etc., please pm me don't post them here, I'm pretty sure sales threads aren't allowed here. Lets keep this thread on-topic: advice only.