Have I been hacked

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    In my Cpanel it is showing I have used all my disk space usage, have checked through all files and found on one of my sites a bunch of files named core.7768 there is 9 in total all with different numbers after the core.

    If I try to view them I get, HTTP error 401 You do not have permission to access this page.

    The files are all the same size 109.51 MB, 2 are showing yesterdays date the rest are this morning.

    Does this look like someone has hacked and uploaded these files, any way I can see what they are.
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    Hi mate,

    the best thing you could do is to contact your hosting provider, their admins will take care for sure. And one more suggestion, If you being hacked, go immediately and change your passwords and also scan your computer for viruses/trojans and other spy software.
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    1. check the visitors log, find out the IP, ban that IP and delete those files...
    2. change your password and upload wp better security plugin...
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    Core dump files are nothing todo with hacking, as such, instead are produced by a server when a serious error occurs and the contents of the running process is dumped out to a file for debugging purposes. Check the dates of the files and if they're all around the same timestamp then it's likely where all produced at same time by a problem with the server and if you haven't had any more produced since you are safe to delete them. Though you may have to open a support ticket with your host to clean them all up as likely every folder contains at least one of them.
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