Have any profitable PPC campaigns? Want free traffic?

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by dannyhw, Mar 10, 2011.

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    OK here's the deal. I wrote this php app that does automated PPC management for the AdWords content network. I'm not going to disclose everything now but it just automates a method I've used for big financial / insurance / investment clients to get better conversions from contextual traffic than from search.

    I want to test it out, but I don't do affiliate PPC, so it's not like I have a winning campaign I can just plug into this thing and test. If you've got one that's doing well with search, I'd like to try it out on contextual with my script. I'll sign up with your aff link and sink my own money into the testing.

    I'll also set you up with an adwords account under my client center (has to be this way to allow the API), set the script up on whatever landing page you want to use for yourself and apply a $100 credit (free traffic)!

    Of course once I tweak it to perfection and roll out a front end you can use it for yourself. The only thing to consider then is the cost of the API, but that will be so small at first I'll probably just pay it.

    I can do this for a few people, vouchers and all. I'm waiting for approval for a few things though, so it could be a week or so before we can get campaigns running.

    If this is at all appealing let me know.