Have any of you started an LLC for your business?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Celsius, Sep 19, 2010.

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    People are always talking about Nevada and even Wyoming for the LLC to hide their seo job from the the people they work in their real job. Companies are really really interested now in what you do in your off time.

    1. I know my company looks to see whom has a twitter/facebook/linked in/ myspace everything. :>/
    2. I don't talk to anyone about seo because no one I work with is in seo.
    3. People talk and lie if they know anything about you.

    What I want to do.
    1. I don't mind paying taxes. We have schools, roads, ect because of taxes.
    2. Still keep my life private. I am using the money here to build retirement and to save for my kids college and last rainy day fund.
    3. Have no traceable means to LLC to me.

    Is number 2 and 3 possible? What are some of the possible pitfalls you see in doing something like this?

    Thank you for your time.
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    It depends how desperate these people are in finding out about your background and time-off interests (seems a bit odd to me, if you work 9-5 and do a good job, what else matters?). If they give your full name a quick Google, pull up your facebook/twitter/linkedin etc and there's nothing associated with your SEO stuff there, will they take it further?

    Depending on how much money they want to spend to find out what you do in the evening ;)

    Good luck!
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    I think that LLC requires you to list the officers. I may be wrong about this. some states are different but in Mass it is that way.
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    Nevada has pretty good privacy laws. As far as I can remember the person listed for the LLC will be your agent in Nevada. It doesn't matter what state the corp or LLC is in you still have to pay taxes to the state you operate in if they have taxes.
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    I started a LLC a few years ago in Delaware. Everything was set up over the phone and all documentation (including credit card)
    Sent through fax. You need a physical address to receive the package (back then I received in NY) with the paperwork of your company and the Federal Number for the taxes.

    You will determine how many is working there (it can be only you), who is part of Board of Directory (if any) and of course who is the owner.

    You have to offer a description of what your company is about. My was created under health and Fitness industry. But when I need
    to show anything legal about my websites I present the website as a division of "Your Company LLC."

    With the Federal ID you open a bank account and whatever is there you know that you have to declare. Based on the services, I have
    payments into my personal accounts, and you work with the taxes differently.

    So the bottom line is, you can open your LLC as "whatever" you want to be associated with based on your given description
    when you started the company. From that point on is up to you how to use it.

    Good Business! :fing26: