Have an ebay.co.uk ac, how do I sell on ebay.com?


Junior Member
Jul 19, 2008
Any ideas how i do this? As international visibility is not there, and when i log into ebay.com and post an auction, its ghosted.

i need to create an uk ebay account i live in the us, any help..
don't link the accounts (very important step)
instead, use a USA proxy then login to US ebay account and post the auction and when it asks for paypal email (while listing the auction) put the UK paypal ID.

always login using a USA proxy in the ebay.. and with your normal UK ip on the UK paypal

that should work fine.

btw you should have USA info on the ebay account..

As far as i know i just have a .co.uk account. So your saying i need to apply for a .com account too? But would be a separate login, so the feedback doesnt carry over?
To the post above about proxies, I'd say using proxies is a big no no on egay

You may as well hold a big sign up saying im a scammer!

Use a VPN or get someone on dial up in the US and use remote access, thats if its worth the money to you.
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