Have a proven website that under performs wanting injection of expertise to make $15K a m

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    I have a site established over 3 years that has solid traffic over 60,000 visitors and up to 1 million page views a month. Re the search engines over 300,000 indexed pages with Authority Site Links. Have all the data and inside details on a similar site that for over two years has maintained a steady average $15,000 USD a month.

    The site at this time is only making $500 USD a month because it needs more support and I am running it on my own. But the target of $15K a month is achievable and can be maintained and increased to even more revenue.

    What I am looking for is help to get the site making $15K to $30K every 30 days.

    Realize that help comes at a price but will pay the price for the input of expertise

    Please note it is unlikely that newcomers to the net will be suitable as folks need to know their way around the internet re ? traffic ? conversions ? revenue!

    Please send PM for details ? then we can take it from there