Has anyone written articles with Associated Content? What type of articles pay the highest

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    I was curious if anyone out there has had any experience writing articles for this site (associated content).....??? Thanks!

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    I made a few bucks writing articles on various topics ranging from metal embossing to cooking tips, but all in all it wasn't worth it. It turned out to be something like $4 an hour after totaling it all out, and English is my primary language with a university education.. I just wanted to test out this method to make a few extra bucks when I was bored, and it wasn't worth it in the slightest.
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    Please use the search function before starting threads like these. There are a million and one AC methods on this forum
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    You can make money with Associated Content but the key to making money with them is not so much the up front payment.

    The way to make money constantly with them is to have A LOT of articles published on their site. Make sure you've promoted the hell out of each and every one.

    What will happen is that you'll get your up front payment that isn't very large. It does go up as your "clout" goes up.

    Where the real money starts coming in is on the residuals you get for unique pageviews.

    So if you have enough content on that site and you're getting just a few clicks a day on each article and you have over 100 articles (more would be better) then you're basically sitting back and collecting the money every month.

    Personally I've gotten to the front page of Google News with a couple of my articles and that translated into very nice SERP after it was featured.

    It's not true that it's not "worth it" but it does require work, at least in the beginning. However EVERYTHING requires work and as I'm sure everyone on this site already knows, the work that we perform isn't easy and it's very possible that we work harder then the 9 to 5 folks.

    You need to put in the effort but if you do you will start seeing the money stream slowly turn into a river.
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    Special assignments pay the most, but the issue is getting paid upfront, and reliably. AC became more problematic on both fronts, and even those who have gotten good at earning money from the performance payments could probably make more putting those articles on their own pages with Adsense ads. The best path is some form of 'stacking,' where you earn money from a number of directions from writing articles, using AC as merely one spoke of the money wheel. Below is a repost of a schema I put together to illustrate how to leverage articles for multiple payouts:

    Without much ado, here's my 'AAA' plan to use articles in a combination of ways to fuel affiliate sales, plr pack and ebook sales, and CPA commisions in one fell swoop, using as little as a dozen articles as a starting point (self-created or outsourced). Basic steps are:

    1. Research 2-3 hot, new, monetizable niches/week, with corresponding profitable keywords, and affiliate products

    2. Write 5-6 articles a day (or use outsource writing team to create for you for $1.50 ea)

    3. Get 12+ articles per niche, slap together a blogger blog with relevant affiliate links

    4. Integrated leveraging of the articles:
    a. Package original 10 as a PLR pack, sell on DP et al
    b. Use 2 to set up blogger blog and hub/webpaint/squidoo page, add affiliate links
    c. Re-write the 12 twice (so you have two sets of re-writes--I use MAR and/or DNS)
    I---Submit 12 re-write articles to Associated Content et al for upfront payment
    II---Bundle 5 into an e-book (or audio file), sell on Tradebit et al, AND free on hub/blog via CPA offer
    III---Bundle 5 into an auto responder series, offer on blog/hub for list building
    IV---4 re-writes of the blog/hub articles, use as PR, article directory, social bookmarking pages

    5. Integrated monetization of the articles---conservative projections:
    a. Selling 20 PLR packs of hot niche, SEOed articles at $5-$7.50 a pack = $100-$150
    b. Selling 12 articles to AC at $2.50 apiece = $30, which should reimburse any outsourcing expense
    c. Selling 10 $5 e-books/audios on trading sites = $50
    d. Making 3 CB,PDC, et al affiliate product sales via blog/hub at $20 apiece = $60
    e. Getting 10 CPA offers completed via free ebook on blog/hub at $3 apiece = $30
    f. Misc longer term blog/hub earnings from auto responder series, CPC and CPM ads, paid links, paid downloads, et al = not calculated for this example

    TOTAL upfront earnings from 5-6 income centers -$18 outsource expense = net $252+ per niche

    Notes: This effort would total over $500 to $750 per week from 2-3 sets of niche articles. The schema assumes you already know how to slap together a decently SEOed site (and index it quickly), submit to a paid writing site, and have already enrolled in several affiliate programs and ad networks.