Has anyone used paypal to send a check to someone else?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by jdog37, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Just wondering if anyone has ever used the request a check feature in paypal to send a check to another person.

    The reason I ask is because my son and daughter's birthdays are coming up soon (a day apart) and was waiting on a payment so I could send them a hundred bucks each. Well, my paypal is no longer connected to a bank account so I only withdraw by having them mail me a check which takes 7-10 days. By the time I receive the check, cash it, and turn around and mail it to my kids it will be after their birthdays.

    Was wondering if it would be alright to request 2 checks and have them sent in my kids names to their address. I just don't want paypal to think my account has been hacked or something and have to re-verify it again. That would be difficult if not nearly impossible due to a couple of reasons.

    Hence the point of this thread asking if anyone has used the option in a similar fashion and if so how many times have you done this? Any problems?

    Thanks in advance for your input guys and gals.