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Has Anyone Sent Views To Popular Channels? Get Youtube to Stop Banning Ideas Thread

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Aces SEO, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Aces SEO

    Aces SEO Regular Member

    Jun 8, 2012
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    Has Anyone Sent Views To Popular Channels?

    Since youtube has pretty much been banning videos for views left and right. I was wondering if anyone or any providers have tried sending crappy views to popular channels?

    Im sure if all the providers started taking down popular channels youtube might back off a bit. Anyone else have better ideas?
  2. Baraba

    Baraba Regular Member

    Jun 25, 2010
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    I don't have popular channel or videos. But I receive fake views all the time! Sometimes YouTube reverts (deducts, restores) views, sometimes views stay with 0:00 view time, but I never had video banned, deleted, reuploaded or similar YouTube action. They just adjust the views, but also allow some views to stay. Actually I think some competitor is sending me views with 0 retention rate - this is more harm than reuploading a video. After a blast with these fake views, my videos are pushed away from page 1 to page 3-4.