Has anyone recovered from Penguin yet?


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Apr 26, 2010
I'm asking this question because I saw a lot of topic dealing with "how to backlinkg safely after Penguin", etc. But I didn't see yet a topic explaining how someone recovered from Penguin (or maybe I just missed it, if there are any)! So, has any of you guys recovered from Penguin? Is it worth trying, or is it better to start new brand new websites? What are your thoughts about that?
I have not used any automatic backlinks building software ever and believe me now I think that it was good to not use them. My sites are now doing best and they are on first page for many keywords. I did the SEO myself just doing everything on a slow rate.
Actually, maybe some recovered while i think 98% of the hitted ones not yet. Those receoved ones is not under their own effort or any link they build or delete. I think receoved lucky ones actually be those whom google think are not too much use blackhat techniques. If you had a check catch snaphot of those hitted one, you could easily find this out, no update after 24th Apr. Since google not watching their show, then whatever they do would be in vain. a solo show without audience, where aplause come.
Hi everyone, just wanted to reup this topic instead of posting a new one. So... did anyone recover from their penguin penalty yet?
I wonder if posting a lot of content can, in a way, dilute the penalty? I think we'd be quite a lot to be happy to hear some good experience concerning that issue!
everyone has moved onto new websites from penguin. thats what i did and thats what many people ahve recommended. i hear trying to recover is a very painful and tie consuming venture - and you gotta know exactly waht you are doing in order to recover properly or it is tiem down the drain.
No recovery for me. I know lots of people say they don't know why they were hit and i'm one of them. I had a few dodgy links from a Polish site network that I never solicited, not sure if that was the problem or if they thought I used my keywords too much in my titles/urls etc - but what I did looked pretty natural to me. If anything I would say on a scale of black to white, my site was "offwhite" - just a bit of low level manual, relevant link building. In fact trying to be as white as possible I found doesn't seem to work hence my starting to poke around here! The non recovered site I've done no further link building but have done some re-writing and lowering of keyword density. But no joy.
Nope !!!!

I have domains that are:
10 years old +
Shortest possible
.dot com
Unique content
No java/flash/console or anything that could piss of a surfer or a SEo
Doesn't link to sh*t either
Hosted outside North America
7 sites max per IP
Not niche related under the same ip. Doesn't look the same either (design etc..)
Whois protected


And sites that were on top page (even top position) disappeared !@#$%^$$%$#!@#$@%^#$%@#$$#@#$#

But i noticed a thing.
A plain html page (old domain/dot com) showing videos only (sponsor hosted) is on the first page (when i was about to give up that domain)
Haven't touch the damn site for years now
Go figure....
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I Recovered on certain keywords. I used the disavowal tool on certain keywords went from page 20 to page 1 (position 10). Now working ion the other keywords but I think more I remove the more my rankings might drop, so I am trying to build links while removing.
I have recovered for my own site but it took me a long time to go though it. If you have a domain age of less than 1 year and you dont see more than 500-1k back links in ahreaf or any other back link checking tools ..its better to make a new site ...
^^^ Hi John,I used the disavow tool as instructed and even used comments for a few clients that were hit non-manually. It's been about 2-3 months for some and I have yet to see any links disappear despite putting in the links + comments the correct way. I also didn't try to disavow too many links, just a few low quality ones. I've also removed a lot of links manually long ago but have yet to see any of them disappear when I check several backlink programs. How long did it take for you to see your links disappear?
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