Has anyone on here ever actually dominated a market?

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    It looks like many of you money-makers here, both new and experienced, are making decent money with CPA, autoblogging, mini affiliate sites with landing pages, e-whoring, articles. These are all good methods that make money but the tactics change with the algorithms, seasons, and times.

    But is anyone here really dominating their market by positioning themselves as an authority in their niche(s)? By authority I mean one with a pen name who is knowledgable on the market with lists in the 5 figures, forums with thousands of members, membership sites, multiple products, etc. GrafX and the mods comes to mind on second thought. I'm beginning to see why forums like WF and DP are full of people not making any money online.

    It seems like to me the first approach(mini sites) is really just scraping a small share of the internet. The second approach is to position yourself as a "guru" which takes time but provides more market share. Both methods lends itself to market leverage from other sites and web 2.0 marketing. But then many people continue to stick with the first method like building thousands of web 2.0 properties with mini sites and affiliate promotions and the end result will be $500 in 8 weeks.

    You see guys like Chris Rempel, Rosalind Gardner, Rob Benwell who started with the first approach but then they positioned themselves to teach and dominate the internet marketing niche. Because they know that's where the money is at. Chris Rempel made over 400,000 in the past year but I bet about 70% of that is through his VIP reports and JVs.

    The instructors at ********** and Black hat U are the same. This is why continuity is a real money-maker.

    Making money is about building systems where you can leverage with multiple streams. As an authority, you can coach, teach, promote product launches as an affiliate through multiple lists, JVs, sell more products. Once you have the systems in place, income becomes residual and frees up your time to build more systems.

    I know this is quite obvious but for some reason it doesn't seem to obvious to a lot of people. 3 years from now many are still making $50 per day with CPA while a few will be superstars. I'm not just talking about internet marketing. I'm talking about any niche or market.

    I think it's a bit ironic that so many of us try to become "average". Being average seems a lot harder than aiming for the stars.

    I'm not an authority by any means but I'm working on it in the fitness market. I'm still in that "mini site" first approach mode.

    Just something to mull over.
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