Has anyone honestly been badly hit and come back?????

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    I see allot of silly testimonials and advice on here about how people got hit and are now back to where they were or better.

    Has anyone (who owns the site themselves) been badly hit by penguin and panda, or either and come back to where they were previously?

    I seem to be only reading about it and seeing testimonials on sales pages about how amazing a service is. But to date, out of all of them I have tried and things I have done, nothing is back to where it was. I'm talking around 30+ websites. Sure I have seen some slight movement but nothing I can start billing clients for again.

    If you have been seriously hit, and I'm talking ranking 1-3 before then dropping to page 20 now your back between 1 and 3 again.

    I would love to hear some stories and strategies! Rep and thanks given for feedback!! thanks..