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Feb 20, 2008
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I have been promoting products on Amazon and everything was ok till I was sending about 200-250 clicks from my site.. I decided to go with PPC and had 25 campaigns running... sent about 1000 visitors per day... and suddenly saw a drop in number of visitors reported by Amazon... Dec 12 sent 1125 visitors Amazon reported only 215, Dec 13 sent 1355 and Amazon reported 267, Dec 14 sent 985, amazon reported 165 and finally Dec 15 sent 885 amazon reported 45... Contacted reps and they told me that it was probably due to the fact that some visitors did not wait for Amazon site to load OR Amazon site did not load correctly...

Has anyone else had any issue with Amazon... As my conversion rate was higher (20 - 23%) I have managed to recover my costs.. I have sent the stats Amazon and am waiting for their response.
I have been sending around 70-100 mostly US visitors a day from my blog since mid November and everything's running smoothly.

I wonder: When you started your PPC campaign, did you stop running your previous one - do you keep sending the original 250 visitors a day from somewhere else- ?

With your PPC, are you directing traffic to an amazon site you're affiliated with -I understand each amazon site (US,UK,etc) has an independant aff program -?

The clicks recognized by amazon are constanly around 20% of the visitors you say you're sending: does that give you any clues as to what it might be happening ?
No all the visitors are being sent from the same site.. only difference is earlier it was 200-250 when everything was fine.. now I have added more campaigns from different pages and hence was sending more. I had sent the entire stats to Amazon and the reps confirmed that they had checked all the pages that were sending them the traffic and all links seems fine, the pages work correctly... but they will not be able to help with understanding why this was happening..

Net Summary, started promotion on high note, was sure to make good profits due to high conversions but now have just had break even... stopped PPC & returned to sending organic traffic. :(
The same happen, tough I didn't send so many visitors per day...but some they don't report it...
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