Has anyone been seeing sudden spike in traffic from social buttons dotkom?


Oct 21, 2014
Suddenly I'll see 25 or 30 visits referred from social buttons dotkom in my reports from servers all over the world. Is this an DOS attack? I've been seeing it on several of my sites. The sites with a lot of traffic it's harder to detect, but when I looked for it it was there. The smaller sites analytics reports are being largely manipulated.
Yes i saw it in GA too... Might be just an attempt to drive traffic to their website

GA shows source as sitexx.social-buttons.com which ultimately redirects to main domain.
I remember a few months back having some spam-referral problems caused by this Russian guy (from what I could gather). I think it's this same A hole.
Just wonder if he's dangerous?
Nothing dangerous about it as long as you don't visit the spammed links. Just block them in Analytics like described above, and forget about them ;)
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