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    You need a list of CPA networks fast? Use the following footprint for Scrapebox or any other url scraper to harvest your own list of CPA networks and other affiliate programs:

    "Login to" Email Password "Forgot Password" "You must have cookies enabled to use this site" "Don't have an account yet?" "Affiliate Sign Up"  "Advertiser Sign Up"
    Yes, that is a single footprint. You can easily collect a list of networks using tracking software from HasOffers with it. You may also add "Powered by HasOffers" to the footprint but a lot of the sites have removed that phrase from the footer.

    You should use keywords like 'cpa network', 'cost per action', 'cpa affiliate marketing', 'cpa affiliate', 'affiliate program', 'publisher account' etc. and then scrape a large list of keywords from all keyword sources Scrapebox uses. If you are looking for specific networks, you might also want to try keywords like 'health affiliate program', 'health cpa', 'medical affiliate program' or just 'health', 'health and beauty' etc.

    After harvesting and removing duplicate domains and a few irrelevant urls, you will end up having a list which consists of login pages for different networks (including several decent networks with professional websites), one click away from the sign up page.

    I know, I know. A few irrelevant urls? One whole click to the sign up page? Sounds like too much work to me as well.

    Use this footprint to harvest the sign up pages directly without any irrelevant urls:

    "Affiliate Sign Up" "Apply to our network by submitting your information below" "Company / Name" "Address 1" "Address 2" City Country State Zipcode Phone "User Details" "I agree to the Terms and Conditions"
    Make sure you use Roboform or the Autofill forms plugin for Firefox to avoid filling in the forms manually. Outsource answering phone calls where possible.

    Congratulations, now you know a bunch of CPA networks and will end up having several accounts after you signed up everywhere - even if you fear the phone call and avoid all the networks giving you a call, you will have a few accounts in the end.

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    EDIT: Here is another footprint for you to harvest sign up pages for sites using a different cms:

    "affiliate_signup.html" "Required Fields" "First Name" "Last Name" Company Address City State Other "Zip/Postcode" Country Phone Fax Password Email "Site Information" "Website 1" "Add additional website field"
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