HARO: How to get the reporters to accept your pitch?

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    I find that it's very hard to get backlinks using HARO. most of the time I submit my pitch and never hear back. Especially from well-known sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur, those are impossible.

    But from experience and studying what the reporters link to when the article eventually comes out, I have discovered these strategies:

    1) Fit the description they're looking for. If they say they're looking for African American business owners, you're an African American business owner. If they say they're looking for gay business owners, you're a gay business owner. If they say they're looking for companies that don't offer employee health insurance, your company does not offer employee health insurance.

    2) Does the reporter link at all? Google the reporter's name and read his past articles. See if he links at all. If he doesn't link, then I don't bother submitting a pitch. For example, in a past artilcle it says the CEO of the Air Conditioning Guys defines success as being happy. Did the reporter link to Air Conditioning Guys? if not, I don't bother.

    3) If the reporter is a woman, play with her emotions. For example, if a woman reporter is asking "what made you decide to start your own business?" say something about being pregnant. Then they will go "awww, that's so cute" and pick your pitch.

    4) Tell them what they want to hear. Reporters are not interested in the truth or an objective view. They just want to write what they believe is true and ignore all the contrary evidence. So tell them what they want to hear. If they say "do you believe avocados are good for the skin?" Read all the details and see if the reporter wants to believe avocados are good or if she wants to believe this is just a myth. If the reporter is going for the "avocados are good" theme, you say avocados are good. If the reporter is going for the "myth" theme, you say "it's just a myth, avocados are not good for the skin"

    I told you everything I have learned from years of submitting HARO pitches. Now your turn. Do you have any other strategies?
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