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Happy Women's day - some thoughts/projects for women empowerment

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by dheer, Mar 8, 2017.

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    Jul 24, 2009
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    First of all I want to thank all the women's of the planet on this Women's day, you have filled this world with love and emotions. The way you take care of a family by playing different roles from being a loving mother, caring sister, caring wife and making us feel proud of being a adorable daughter. I have myself felt all these things in my life so far and I just can't imagine my life without women's.

    We all here on blackhatworld belong from different parts of the world and things are pretty different for everyone of us depending on the locality we belongs from. However one thing should be in common that we all find women's helpless when they lose everything in their life (especially widows) and needs to be empowered. I am on this forum since past 7 years and have learnt a lot from here. From past few months some incidences happened in my personal life of migrating to a different location and there I have found some real tragic problems in life of widows. There is a lady in the society where we are living and she is helpless and had to leave the lavish life as she lost her husband 3 years ago.

    There is NO one to support her and her two lovely daughters. The second daughter of her could not even see the face of her father. By carefully observing all these things in their life I have made myself ready to help them. Some peoples on this forum knows about it as somehow I have interacted them about this stuff over skype chats. I had two choices either giving her money out of my own pocket by donating her or helping them provide some kind of very easy data entry kind of stuff where she can proudly earn and making a good living. When I approached her to help she totally rejected the first option and said if you want to help do not help me with money rather give me job where I can earn proudly and make a living. So I have decided to find some data entry kind of jobs from my clientele and fortunately found 2 jobs for her. I have decided to not take a penny as commission rather giving all the money to the needy lady. She agreed on it and I have started training her from 1st February 2017. Fortunately she learnt things fast and started doing the stuff and I am feeling good by saying that she is doing great and have earned about 1000$ so far. It is really encouraging her and she is feeling great as over the past 3 years she found no such jobs and on March 1 2017 she had a notice to leave the apartment for not able to pay the rent for quite a some time. I have also found that she have some common friends who are also in such troubles so we have decided collectedly to help few more ladies like her and give them empowerment. I just felt sharing this stuff on this auspicious occasion of Women's day so that we all can think of empowering women's in this world and can help them feel proud. I am on a mission to help such ladies and if any gentlemen or a women wants to join this good cause and help me empowering women's are welcome to join me. Thanks for your time.