Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope everyone is making money


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Nov 15, 2010
Happy weekend everyone. Just finished up a road trip. Heading back home now. Made $800 cash

plus bring back $1800 in recurring monthly revenue. I was hopeping for more, but work is work.

Drove over 700 miles this and I'm running on empty. Can't wait to fly back home and be with the

family. I haven't watched any news or tv this week, it's actually kind of nice. I see the North Korean

War has ended. That's got to make Sherbes weekly list.

What's ur channel youtube? maybe I am ur subscriber because I love traveller content on YT

Don't really have a personal youtube channel. I have a business one that's really for lead gen and getting clients. But hey if your willing to subscribe I'll create something.
all oky, but how did you earn money from a road trip?

I got clients to see, so with that I have my camera gear and I lined up work for business photography, mainly virtual tour stuff.

I don't consider myself a great salesman, just good to ok I suppose. Anyway I get requests for photo work and I just line up the work

when I come out. And usually the additional seo/marketing work follows if they're big enough. If I can pay my hard costs and

bring back the monthly recurring stuff, it's a win win.
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