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    Dec 23, 2008
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    I must say, I have known about the site for a while, and for some reason didn't spend any time on here. Yesterday I started reading through this forum and found people that actually share ideas that others go ahead and sell to less knowledgeable newbies. When I first started marketing online, it was near 6-8 years ago, and money was easy.. very easy. I was 13 and making between 800-1000 a week with various "blackhat" methods that I notice are still being used in some aspects today. Although not a newbie, I notice that the ideas here are a catalyst for me, giving me new ways to approach things. I dislike people that have to have things step by step or else they never do anything. Out of the box thinkers are the reason IM continues to thrive and I feel this forum will help my mind open up to new avenues of making money. Thanks for the help in advance.