Happy Birthday HaRRo

Also,there is another thread:d
Happy B-DAY ....


so u r throwing a party right ?
Happy Birthday Harro and wish you happier returns.
Harro is probably busy raping the Internets real good today for a new earning record before he gets down to the real celebration. Congrats to you :cool:
1 day after my mom's bday :D Grats to you and your truly sick/genious ideas, wish you all the best :)
Happy B-Day HaRRo... and thanks for being you :)

Your Friend - "Wiz"
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Have a happy birthday Harro, where ever you are as i can only imagine...

What's your age now? :D
Happy birthday! I wrote this magical poem for you!

- Harro has a monkey that wears black hat
- His methods are funky making his wallet quite fat
- One more year mature today
- No more dick rolls cos thats kinda gay
happy birthday! i hope everything gets better and stays better big guy!!
happy birthday harro!!!!! if i knew where u were at i'd send you some birthday pussy and a couple kegs of guinness but anyways have a good birthday man!!
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